Cary Cates, MBA, CFP®, EA

During my time in the financial services industry, I realized my deep desire is to really get to know people and help them improve their lives. It is an amazing privilege to do this for my clients.  I founded Cates Tax Advisory specifically so I can help young and middle class Americans by delivering the highest quality services few  provide.  If you want me to come along side and guide you, I’d be honored.

I am located in Denton, TX, on the north edge of Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

What Makes Cates Tax Advisory Different?

Tax Planning

IRS Enrolled Agent



  • 1040 Federal Tax Return
    • Standard Deduction
  • 1040 Federal Tax Return with Schedule A
    • Itemized Deductions
  • 1040 Federal Tax Return with Schedules A & C
    • Schedule C Sole Proprietor

1Includes $100 off tax preparation
2Starting price. Price can be higher based on complexity and quality of recordkeeping.


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