Does the IRS Make You Nervous? Then Read This!

Little-Known Cates Tax Advisory Service: Automatically Representing Clients Before the IRS

Most people get nervous thinking about dealing with the IRS.  Luckily for some of my clients, they don’t have to worry near as much. Why is that?  Because I proactively make myself the clients’ representative before the IRS.  This service is only available to clients who use both tax planning/advisory and tax preparation services.

Not only do tax planning/advisory clients get a discount on their tax preparation, but they can also declare me their representative before the IRS.  This means if the IRS goes to contact the client, they will also contact me. Would you feel better knowing if a letter from the IRS arrives for you, Cates Tax Advisory is also receiving it? While you are still trying to decipher the IRS lingo, I’ll be calling you to tell you what needs to be done.  After discussing the situation, I can respond to the IRS for you.

In order for clients to have me represent them, they must fill out an IRS Form 2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative. Don’t worry, I’ll complete the form and explain it to you; all you have to do is sign.  Clients do not have to declare me their representative if they don’t want to.

There is no cost for declaring me as your representative, having me receive IRS correspondence, and having me explain the correspondence to you.  After I explain what the IRS correspondence means, those clients whom I represent can decide whether or not to handle the situation themselves.  However, there will likely be an additional cost if you would like me to resolve the issue with the IRS.  I find most taxpayers would prefer a professional deal with the IRS.

Essentially, this proactive service is reserved for Cates Tax Advisory’s dual clients (those who use both tax planning/advisory and tax preparation services).  The purpose is to help deliver peace-of-mind by stepping between the client and IRS.  If you are a dual client, I am excited to offer this service to you starting in the 2017 tax season. 

If you are not a dual client, but are still interested in this service, please contact me.

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